We make technology visible

BLANX is your expert for visualization in the industrial sector.
We create impressive product animations, transform your portfolio into augmented reality and construct virtual reality spaces for presentation and collaboration.

Always in the spotlight: your ideas, your solutions and your sales processes.


Your potential wants to be seen!

Machines, complex systems, and abstract services are translated into a compelling visual language. Professional visualization brings them to life, because your potential needs to be seen!

Your potential wants to be seen!

With film, animation, and photos, we propel the USPs of your ideas into focus.

They make the invisible visible, the complicated understandable and direct the customer’s attention to the performance of your products. Nothing is too small, too large, too complex or too hidden – anything can be dynamically presented.

Everything is visible- If customers understand the context, they understand the detail.

Machines, tools, components, and parts don’t exist in empty spaces. They are embedded in large systems and affect multi-layered processes.

Create once, Use everywhere

Once created, 3D models can be used everywhere- in all technologies and end devices, for trade fair presence and presentations, for advertising, for the website or social media, – and even for print.


The benchmark for your product is reality.

Your customers see more dimensions, appearances, performance data or functionalities of machines, systems and components.

The benchmark for your product is reality.

Make your technology visible! AR creates a spectacular impression of your products.

Scalable AR models give your customers a comprehensive understanding of your products by demonstrating real size relationships, process-related connections, and even the smallest visible details. The benchmark for your product is reality.

Machines and systems should be discussed on the factory floor.

By using your smartphone or tablet, you can present your AR-Models directly where they will be used, as well as at the conference table. Discover more about AR in machine construction!

Augmented reality brings complex capital goods such as machines and systems to life.

Convince B2B buyers with an interactive model that makes handling, functions and highlights tangible. Realistic product experience as a competitive advantage.


Work virtually – save in reality

Virtual reality conveys a focused product and brand experience, making it possible to address B2B buyers individually throughout the entire sales process.

Work virtually – save in reality

Virtual space is not just for impressive presentations.

VR makes it possible to configure components, machines, and entire systems in real-time – adapted to real customer requirements. And as you describe special features, your customer can test their individual expansion stage.

Streamline sales processes with Virtual Reality.

Save time – and costs – by meeting customers and partners in the virtual workshop and presenting innovations. The location-independent cooperation of teams, as well as meetings and trainings, can also be implemented virtually in a particularly effective and flexible way.

Visualization in any size. There are no limits in physics with VR.

Your customers can inspect machines and systems, examine details under a magnifying lens and literally immerse themselves inside functions. Physical properties, materials, and surfaces are realistically visualized, making the intended use the benchmark.


Perfect sales tools for your pocket.

Perfect sales tools for your pocket.

To convince customers, the presentation must be right. Start a successful customer dialogue with a tap of your finger.

Our sales tools bundle your entire product portfolio and all your information in a platform-independent app: appealing and interactive – so you can easily adapt the presentation to the flow of the conversation.

„BLANX is a valuable partner who we have been relying on for years to develop ideas, concepts, and to implement cutting edge technologies and solutions. “

Dr. Denis Marschel, Divisional Marketing Manager Automotive Research & Test, Kistler Group

The Blanx Experience

// High customer satisfaction

70% of our customers come back – not only because we make their products and solutions look good,
but because our KPI’s speak a clear language.

// 20 years of experience

For more than 20 years we have been living the connection between 3D visualization and technological development.
Our processes and workflows are unique in the industry and guarantee the highest quality and efficiency in equal measure.

// One2Many & CAD2Many

Once a 3D model has been created, we smoothly transfer it into any form of digital content,
from animation to augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.

// Addicted to Technology

New technologies are our passion (and our means to an end) to communicate your products and solutions. We recommend when and where you can use digital technologies profitably today, and also when it’s better to wait.


We inspire change

Learn more about digital disruption of the industrial manufacturing industry with the BLANX Impulse Sessions and Ideation Workshops!

The BLANX Industrial Manufacturing Future Workshop. We have been driving technology for 20 years and successfully facilitating new innovations in mechanical engineering.

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