Brand Identity

brands are made by their customers. feelings define a brands value. visuals reflect attitude, mood and create recognition. we serve with design of exceptional imagery.

recognizable unique visual identity.


create image from imagery.

identity. identification. recognition.

We craft stunning imagery for our clients. Using computer graphics to design digital photos and animations.


virtual humans give your brand a face.

mascots. avatars. models.

We design and create customer specific avatars and digital humans for advertising use and customer interaction.


make a product superhero with the help of a virtual sidekick.

emotional. visible. comprehensible.

We design visual frames where your products find the right context and are presented through one main actor that provides recognition and emotions.


contextual environments.

context. interplay. plausible.

We design virtual environments in whose context brand and product quality, characteristics and the explanation of functions are understood.

BLANX develops individual solutions and brings the benefits of visualization to your company.

Brands. Clients. Partners.


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