Virtual Loft

Virtual Reality Case for Interior, Smart Home, Internet of Things and Interior

Virtualization is altering retail

The dematerialization of the stationary retailers into e-commerce is a ongoing process. Emerging technologies, such as virtual reality, opens new dimensions for stunning shopping experiences.

The LOFT project tries to spark a vision. Whether architecture, furniture, kitchens, white goods, home entertainment or e-commerce – the LOFT offers at different spots prospects for the possibilities VR offers for the marketing of products.

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Where is the use of this kind of VR application?

Brands and products appear in perfectly staged brand worlds. The context between smart products and function can be experienced. From a digital twin to an interactively adaptable product. Through real-time computer graphics, customers can individualize and discover products like never before.

With Virtual Reality, e-commerce and on-demand products catch up with the stationary trade in the shopping experience and have the potential to turn the way we shop upside down again.

1. Visualization

  • / Design reviews
  • / Visualization & presentation
  • / Explore living space of personas
  • / Sense of space & architecture
  • / Product experience and visualization

2. Shopping

  • / E-Commerce
  • / Change and customize interiors
  • / Test functions

3. Configuration and Testing

  • / Testing of ergonomics
  • / Ergonomic adaptations for the customer

4. Networking und Actuation

  • / Visualize Smart Home features
  • / Visualize IoT in context
  • / Instant drone delivery

5. Virtual space for Entertainment

  • / Interaction with Home Entertainment services
  • / Simulation of sound systems
  • / Smart Glas applications

6. Security

  • / Access control
  • / Remote access

7. Connected Car & E-Mobility

  • / E-Mobility and home battery
  • / E-Mobility features

BLANX develops individual solutions and brings the advantages of visualisation to your company.

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