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  • VR Showroom

    / Portability – simply bring the boat to the customer

    / Realistic virtualization that ensures satisfaction

    / Customization of color, material and features

  • Augmented Reality Viewer

    / Place your high quality product in your real environment

    / Present prototypes and functions interactively

    / Easy handling on tablets and smartphones

  • Let your marketing benefit from visualization

    / Show luxurious products in virtual environments

    / Focus on details of high-quality products

    / Make concepts and prototypes an event by photo-realistic rendering

  • Virtualize your trainings

    / Simulate real-world scenarios in a secure virtual environment

    / Easily and cost-effectively scalable around the world

    / Save time – VR is always and everywhere available

  • Gamify your yachts

    / Attractor for the next generation of customers

    / Experience the dream boat and learn how to handle it

    / Your yacht in e-sport leagues: champion in innovation

Create unique brand and product experiences by using todays technologies. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and computer-generated images give access to nearly any of today’s marketing channels!


/ Presentations
/ Sales and marketing
/ Trade fairs and events
/ Websites and social media


/ Effective customer generation through digital distribution solutions
/ Improvement of the purchase decision
/ Marketing as soon as product data is available
/ Lifelike configuration and design


/ Professional, aesthetic, immersive
/ Embodiment of digital competence
/ Visual unique selling points

Would you like to discuss your digital opportunities at Boot 2020?

Create once – use it everywhere

The basis of each of our services is the photorealistic visualization of existing or upcoming products. Once this has been created, they can be used for all kinds of applications.


All media created by us serves as universal communication tools for planning, presentation and acquisition. They enable modern companies to act digitally. The principle is simple, but it enables solutions that exceed previous results in terms of complexity and scope.

„The simulation is really really impressing.
Looking around, it does not only seem like being on a yacht having put to sea. It feels like it. The virtual swell is such convincing; it feels like standing on a wavering deck. For producers this simulator is a great opportunity to present customers their yacht as configured. The customer is allowed to go for a test sailing directly at the booth…”

Dr. Jan C. Athenstädt, founder of klabauterkiste.de und klabauter-shop.de

Thanks to our modular production processes, we guarantee the highest quality, from the initial idea to the rollout of our innovative solutions.

NDA & Data Check

/ Non-disclosure agreement
/ Checking your data
/ Budget Definition

Concept & Workshop

/ Concept development
/ Definition of target channels
/ Development of look & feel


/ Production plan
/ Media production
/ UI & UX Design
/ Application development

After Sales

/ Assistance on events
/ Integration into digital ecosystems
/ Distribution of media and apps
/ Maintenance of software and apps


Our company

Blanx develops custom-made business applications for visualization and digital media. Founded in 2000 by Michael Gairing and Sebastian Kühne, we are an independent digital agency based in Cologne, Germany. We are now one of the world’s top virtualization and visualization agencies.

Our experts in strategy, design, animation, UX and development create 3D visualizations, animations, films and interactive applications for state of the art digital experiences.

We support our clients at every step, from brainstorming and conception to implementation. We understand ourselves not only as an agency, our ambition is to establish long-term partnerships through quality and understanding.

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